Olha is from Mariupol and arrived in Poland on April 22. When she arrived in Poland she started looking for a job, asking us at the food truck at the border what she could do to help. We offered her a job in our kitchen in Katowice, so she could not only earn her own money, but also help Ukrainian refugees in these difficult times.

“We spent more than a day by car at the border, the road was very hard and tiring, we were going to the city of Katowice.


Why did you decide to work in the kitchen in Katowice?

I feel that I can help refugees here – in the kitchen. There are many refugee women from Ukraine working in this kitchen, we support each other. I understand refugees from Ukraine better than anyone else, as I’m in the same situation, when you realize there’s nothing left and there’s nowhere to go back to. I would like to help those who need it.

Does Poland provide much support for Ukrainian refugees?

Poland has provided a lot of support, and honestly, apart from words of thankfulness, nothing else comes to mind. We are very grateful to Poland and all the people and volunteers who help us. And I am very thankful to the organization Chervona Kalyna Сharity for helping me find a job.