„It was on 26.02, after Olena told us what was happening on the border, I and my friend Vitalik without thinking twice, took our generator, food and cooking equipment, and drove to the border in Korczowa, to the „Hala Kijowska” where refugees from Ukraine were being accommodated. Our friends from the bakeries and restaurants helped us a lot with food, did not remain indifferent to the situation at the Polish border and contributed to this difficult time. 

We understood that the situation at the border would really be bad, but we didn’t realize it yet. There we saw a huge chaos, the hall was dark and very cold, children were crying, firemen trying to calm them down, carrying them in their arms and distracting them, there were just tens of thousands of people, with fear and dejection in their eyes.


I still remember it all as a blur. We set up our van and started making food for people. At first it was sandwiches and teas, we didn’t think there would be such a demand and we lacked equipment, even the hot dogs for people had to be made on a waffle iron. The first day we handed out 7,000 meals. We were joined by a man who was at the border waiting for his children to help cook, during this difficult time for everyone. We went to the parking lot one at a time to get some sleep, the first day we only got 2 hours of sleep.

 The next day Harry came and brought more food and equipment, as we knew it was important to give people hot meals, soups, porridge and meat at that point. A little later, our team from Oh My Ramen restaurant joined us and we started working shifts so we could give people hot and fresh food for 24 hours, and we tried to make a happy atmosphere for them.

helping refugees

Our initiative to feed people grew into a long-term plan. We realize that just providing food to people is just providing their first needs, but they also need other help and support and we want to develop our foundation to help every Ukrainian.

Oleksandr Levenko and Vitaliy Yedynak from Oh My Ramen restaurant serve hot lunches to thousands of refugees who arrived from Ukraine on February 26.