Vitalii is fully engaged in the functioning of Oh my ramen, Vegan AF Ramen kitchens, food trucks, and also trains Ukrainian refugees in the kitchen in Katowice. He recruits staff to work in the kitchen, assigns work and trains Ukrainians.
Vitalii together with Oleksandr went to the border on 26.02 to help people, to provide them with hot lunches, which they really needed at that time. “There is a war in my home country and people need help, I know that here and now we can help people on the Polish border!”.

The guys would make preparations for lunches at night without rest, which would then run out in an hour.


Were you scared of the amount of work at the border after you arrived?

No, we were going for the specific purpose of helping refugees from Ukraine, food trucks are not a new thing for me, but at that time I also understood that I had to work hard and give out as many lunches as possible to Ukrainians.

Now you have your main kitchen in Katowice, or in other cities?

We are planning to make one more kitchen in Sosnowiec. Sosnowiec is going to be our main base, where we can serve up to 6,000 people a day, that’s with 12-hour shifts.

In the Sosnowiec kitchen, are you going to teach people from scratch or upgrade the skills of already experienced chefs?

In every kitchen, I teach people the basic concept and the difference between home cooking and gastronomic cooking. Our main goal in the kitchen is to make it easy, delicious and consistent.
I can teach a person in a way that then puts them in a specific place and gives them concrete tasks. The most important thing is that after the training people will be able to prepare and give out a dish in the minimum time with the maximum quality. For people, we’re going to have a full description of the recipe, the grammage, the technology, and the whole process. We will make it so that everyone can cook, even people who have never held a knife.


Do you have someone in your kitchen right now who has grown from scratch and is now running a specific process?

I have one woman, her name is Olena. She’s the person who came to work at our restaurant as a dishwasher the end of last year. Now she’s in charge of the shifts in the kitchen, and I give her the tasks and she oversees the processes in the kitchen while I’m gone.

Do you have many refugees from Ukraine working for you now who have also grown in this short time?

Yes, many came to me saying, “I’m a refugee and I need a job,” and went as managers to the border to work in the food truck. These are the people who have the potential and the desire to work.