On Wednesday 16.06.2022 we held our first event “Cooking workshop for kids”. 30 children, who came to Poland with their mothers after 24.02 due to the war in their homeland of Ukraine, were able to take part in the workshop. The workshop took place in Katowice, in our kitchen. Our experienced Ukrainian chef – Vitalii, showed the little guests how to make chocolate brownies, caramel and cookies. With their own hands they were mixing ingredients for pastry, shaping cookies and of course decorated the baked desserts.

It was a great opportunity for the kids to adapt, have fun together with their moms and develop their culinary skills, which they will need in the future. All the children who came to Poland needed to integrate, because their friends and acquaintances remained in Ukraine or left for another country because of the war. At the workshop they were able to get to know each other and even make friends. At the end there was a sweet and pleasant surprise, they were able to try their culinary chef-d’oeuvres, drink juice, eat fruit and talk.

Thanks to the mothers for their trust, and thanks to the children for their participation. Follow us on social networks so you won’t miss the next master class.