Ever since the beginning of the war, as soon as we went to the border to distribute food to refugees from Ukraine in Poland. At the border we were able to meet the volunteers who worked for the WCK and the head of the organization, José Andrés. Our team told about our initiative, that we want to help Ukrainians in this difficult time for them. We have a kitchen, products, people who are willing to help and we can prepare meals for those in need. We were able to understand that we have the same goal and together we can help more people.

Together we employed a large number of Ukrainian women who came to Poland after 24.02.02 and were searching for work. Also thanks to our joint efforts we were able to continue to give out more lunches, both at the border and at various points.

And this is what is written about us in the article:

Within a week, World Central Kitchen has served nearly 160,000 meals—now about 35,000 per day—to people fleeing the war. Joining the endeavor are local restaurants and food truck volunteers, such as Oh My Ramen (great name!), who drove four hours from Katowice, Poland to dish out soup on the Ukraine border near Korczowa.

We are pleased that we can be useful, help and support others!

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