05 Feb 2023

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Zabłocie 25A, 30-701 Kraków

Phone number:

+48 517 190 188



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Contact Form

How can I contact you?

You can email us or fill out the form above and we will call you back.

Is it possible to volunteer and help refugees, too?

Yes, of course, we are looking for volunteers to conduct workshops for children, adaptation courses, consultations, you can write us an email, we will contact you.

Do you continue to provide free lunches for refugees from Ukraine?

Yes, we cook lunches and give them to different refugee points in Katowice and also in Krakow.

Where is your office located?

Our address is 66 Baczyńskiego Street, 41-203 Sosnowiec.

What email should I write to you?

Our email: chervonakalynacharity@gmail.com

If I have just arrived in Poland and need help, can I contact you ?

Yes, of course, we will try to help you find accommodation, make a resume, help you find a job, tell you about our adaptation and legalization courses.

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