This is an organization that does not have as the main purpose of its activities to make a profit for its subsequent distribution among the members of this organization. These can be municipalities, public hospitals, religious and other non-profit organizations.

The main activities of such organizations are aimed at promoting social, charitable, cultural, educational, political, scientific, managerial, as well as other purposes invested in achieving public goods.

Key aspects of non-profit organizations are accountability, reliability, honesty and openness to each person who has invested time, money and faith in the organization.

The effective functioning of a non-profit organization is impossible without sustainable sources of funding. Sources of funding in such an organization can be divided into three groups: borrowed funds, own funds, government funding and support.

The first group includes donations, grants, grants received both in the country and abroad. Own funds include membership fees, founders’ fees, business profits, etc. Public funding and support combine direct and indirect state subsidies.

All income that a non-profit organization receives from its activities, grants, donations or sponsorships is directed to its development and structure, as the mission of such an organization is to help society.