One of the first organizations to start providing free food to up to 8,000 people a day at border crossings in Poland .

The purpose of the association is to act on behalf of people affected by the occurence of migration residing in Poland and abroad, to provide comprehensive assistance to refugees and migrants from around the world – especially people from Ukraine, as well as the protection and promotion and activities to improve the situation of these people, in particular scientific, information, economic, social, humanitarian and cultural activities to shape attitudes of solidarity between people and understanding of people of different cultures.

Our slogan is – We do not wait and watch, we act!

In our organization the management consists of 7 people who cannot just observe the whole situation. Taking a food truck from our restaurant Oh My Ramen, food and necessary equipment, we were the first at the Polish border to begin giving hot lunches to women and children fleeing the war in Ukraine.

free food

Now we continue to feed people, give them jobs in our gastronomic organization, provide them with courses and counseling. At every stage of adaptation we will support them!